V New trends in Computational Chemistry for Industry Applications


The Catalonian Reference Network on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (XRQTC) is pleased to announce the organization of the FIFTH edition of our workshop on “New Trends of Computational Chemistry for Industry Applications”.

Computational chemistry has become extremely important in the last decade, being widely used in academic and industrial research and development, leading to a wide range of possibilities due to explosive increase in computer power and software capabilities.

This workshop will be held in Barcelona on October 3rd and it will consist on one day of talks in materials and life science focused on real cases in which computational modelling has played an essential role in the understanding of chemical or biological processes.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together researchers from industry and academia for discussion, exchanging ideas and developing collaborations. It will also be a suitable platform for researchers from different fields to meet so that fresh, innovative ideas for new interdisciplinary research can emerge.

The event will take place in the EXPOQUIMIA International Event (Fira Barcelona).


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We encourage to take part in sponsorship of the New Trends workshop at the level which best suits your organization needs. We provide pre-defined sponsorship opportunities packages to join in marketing activities.

For more information contact: schellini@xrqtc.com