Seminari Prof. Lodziana al ICIQ

El seminari del Prof. Z. Lodziana tindrà lloc el 23 de febrer a les 12:00h al ICIQ (Tarragona):

Materials for solid state hydrogen storage, theoretical perspective
Empa, Hydrogen & Energy Dübendorf, Switzerland and IFJ-PAN Kraków, Poland


Hydrogen is considered as a future energy carrier that is environmentally friendly, efficient and lightweight. However, high density storage of this gas in a feasible way pose a significant challenge. Storage of hydrogen in chemical compounds called complex hydrides provides a hope that density larger than liquid H2 can be stored for mobile applications.
We will discuss possibilities and interplay between theoretical and experimental methods to reveal properties of new complex materials for solid hydrogen storage. Short introduction to the hydrogen storage problems will be followed by presentation of catalytic aspects of decomposition of complex hydrides. Prediction of complex hydride properties and later experimental verification will be illustrated for doped lithium tetraborohydride (LiBH4) material that can store up to 18 mass% of hydrogen with volumetric hydrogen density of 121kg m−3. Theoretical insight into material’s properties that were not yet synthesized will complete the presentation.